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16 inch Leather Cord
20 - 22 inch adjustable braided soft waxed Cotton Cord
26 inch Leather Cord
30 inch Leather Cord
18 inch stainless steel Snake Chain
24 inch stainless steel Snake Chain
26 inch stainless steel Snake Chain
30 inch stainless steel Snake Chain
Pocket Key Chain
Pet Collar Ring

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Best place to start to "Reset" your health!

This package contains one each of pH-FX, Ionyte, Dino-Min, and Energy FX (sleek pendant).These 4 products are the best place to start  to "Reset" your health. 

pH-FX Water Enhancer 

When added to clean drinking water (R. O., distilled, or filtered) the very molecules of the water are transformed to enhance their ability to permeate the cells resulting in increased hydration. Water is not just a bunch of H2O molecules floating around in liquid form. H2O molecules like to connect to other H2O molecules in clusters than resemble a bunch of grapes containing about 14 to 16 molecules. Typical water restructuring involves breaking up clusters of H2O molecules into smaller clusters, usually half-size clusters of about 7 to 8. With pH-FX the clusters are taken apart one by one into single molecules. These molecules are then attached to each other in a structure that would resemble a train. Each water molecule is attached to another, then another in a long string of molecules. This means they enter the cells one at a time, which is the smallest possible way, leading to maximum hydration. Plus, this increase in hydration allows the cells to get rid of all the "junk" and toxins they have been storing.

Caution: Do not consume without diluting first. May increase the effects of medications. Once diluted, store in glass or BPA free plastic. Do not store concentrate in glass because glass will draw the silica out of the concentrate and weaken the concentrate. Note: Use only pH-FX plastic dropper. 

pH-FX is further enhanced with "natural energy".

A supplement safe for all ages and beneficial for pets and plants too.

Ionyte ElectroLyte 

Ionyte contain the basic natural plant complexes "building blocks" that plants use to create the nutrients in fruits and vegetables. It contains traces of amino acids (that form proteins), traces of vitamins, traces of enzymes, and traces of minerals, that would have been in our fruits and vegetables had they been grown in mineral rich soil. Since most of our food is grown in mineral deficient soils, our food is deficient in these complexes as well. These "building blocks" are also used by our cells for their various processes. Adding Ionyte to your drinking water helps to make up for what's missing in our food. 

Ionyte actually makes water "wetter", and therefore more hydrating, by changing the molecular structure of the water. Ionyte is designed to work best in water, but can be added to any liquid. It can also be used topically. 

Ionyte helps compensate for our deficient food supply and so much more!
Benefits of Ionyte:
Helps support healthy digestion.
Helps support muscles and joints. 
Helps support healthy energy levels.
Helps support healthy mineral levels. 
Helps support a healthy immune system. 
Helps guard against free radical damage.
Helps sooth cuts, burns, bruises, insect bites and stings.
Helps support healthy enzyme systems involved in every bodily function.
Helps with the appearance of acne and other skin blemishes (topically).

Ionyte is further enhanced with "natural energy".

A supplement safe for all ages and beneficial for pets and plants too.

Note: There are approximately 120 droppers per bottle, and 1 bottle is a month supply when daily uses 4 droppers. A detailed usage guide can be found on the Product tab.

See Usage Guide below for details on combining pH-FX and Ionyte.

Dino-Min Prehistoric Natural Minerals

At the time of the dinosaurs, the soil was mineral rich and plants contained much higher levels of nutrients. During the "great flood" they were covered with sediment and composted by microbes into a nutrient dense substance called humates. Not too long ago, a superior quality ancient deposit of humates was discovered in a sealed "stone vault" deep underground where it is protected from modern pollution. 

Dino - Min has been created to deliver these pure prehistoric nutrients to you. It contains a rich supply of essential vitamins, amino acids, and minerals. Due to the naturally occurring humic and fulvic acids, all of these vital nutrients are made highly absorbable. 

As an added bonus . . . Probiotics

Humates naturally contain what is known as soil based organisms (SBO’s). The fact is that humates contain billions of microbes consisting of over 25,000 unique species. Many of which have not yet been identified. Most probiotic supplements contain only 5 to 10 of the most popular strains of probiotics, so you can see why humates can greatly increase your intestinal bacteria more completely than other supplements. These organisms are also protected by the humates in Dino-Min to survive stomach acid which can destroy probiotics and they don’t require refrigeration as they are naturally dormant until mixed with water. They also help nourish the digestive tract and boost the ability of "good bacteria" to reproduce and form a healthy environment called your "microbiome". When our microbiome is strong, you are strong.

Dino - Min can take your health to a whole new level!

Directions: The first week start with 1 capsule daily taken with 8 oz. of clean water. Then increase to 1 capsule twice a day.

Tip: Dino-Min is tasteless. Open the capsule and pour contents into your favorite juice or smoothie. Can be added to any food, or spinkled on pet's food. Your pet will benefit and not even notice the powder.

Energy FX Protection Against EMR

Our Sleek Design Pendant is make of a highly polished stainless steel. The pendant is lightweight because the inside of the pendant is hollowed out to hold the highly energized Energy FX liquid.

Pick a size . . .

Large (Adults and pets over 100 lbs.): Measures 1 and 7/8 inches long by 3/8 inches wide.

Small (Kids and pets under 100 lbs.): Measures 1 and 1/2 inches long by 1/4 inches wide.

Disclaimer: Not recommended for children under 8 years old. The necklace consist of a small pendant and cord which could be hazardous in rare circumstances to unsupervised children. Parental discretion and supervison advised. 

Energy FX is a simple solution to what seems like an insurmountable problem. This sleek design is manufactured especially for Basic Reset and designed to last a life-time. Because of its sleek attractive look, it not only protects you from EMR, it can be worn as jewelry. The healthy energy from Energy FX overrides the harmful EMR pollution. Share Energy FX with your hairstylist and anyone else using electrical devices in their profession. Comes in a suede-cloth bag. 

What is EMR or EMF? It is harmful electromagnetic radiation or frequencies emitted from electrical devices and Wi-Fi.

Energy FX contains a highly energized, non-toxic (safe enough to drink) liquid inside a pendant that is to be worn as a necklace, carried in a pocket, or attached to your pet's collar. The energy is achieved through technology that is a trade secret to Basic Reset. Dr. Fred Kaufman CEO, has been studying this for decades and finally found the answer to his search. The energy from Energy FX helps to strengthen your natural bio-energy, keeping you strong against the onslaught of EMR waves (electromagnetic radiation) produced from electrical devices and Wi-Fi.

Energy FX can help to protect you from the harmful radiation generated by cell phones, cell towers, Wi-Fi, computers, T.V.'s, appliances, fluorescent lighting, and the list goes on and on. The accumulation of all of these electromagnetic frequencies together can negatively affect our body on a molecular level. Even if you don’t “feel” any different wearing Energy FX, you can rest assured that you are being protected. Many have reported an increase in physical energy and a decrease in pain.

How to wear: Because of its sleek design this pendant can be worn attractively at any length as a necklace or carried in your pocket. Energy FX is safe to wear 24 hours a day.

Pocket Key Chain: Choose the pocket key chain attachment if you want to carry it in your pocket. Just remember it's not helping you if you don't have it either around your neck or in your pocket. 

Pet Collar Ring: Small pendant best suited for pets under 100 lbs. Large pendant best suited for pets over 100 lbs. 

Sleeping with your pendant: Most people sleep wearing their pendant. We recommend the leather cord for sleeping. It is most durable and comfortable. 

Caution/Sleeping: If sleeping with the pendant, the cord or chain could possibly break as you toss and turn in the night. Tip: To secure your pendant while sleeping, safety pin the cord to your top. See warranty guidelines.

Caution/Showering or Swimming: The stainless steel chain will not rust even if it gets wet. However, getting the leather cord wet can cause faster deterioration of that cord. See warranty guidelines.

Caution/Dyes: If you have a sensitivity to certain dyes, you might want to select the stainless steel chain, or pocket key chain option, or provide your own leather cord. See warranty guidelines.

Caution/Magnets: Because we don't know yet if magnets would have an effect on the pendant liquid, we recommend that you avoid laying your pendant near a magnet.

Warranty Guidelines: The Energy FX pendant is sealed. If your pendant has leaked in the package when you receive it, contact us immediately for a replacement. If you force it open and the liquid leaks out, the warranty is voided and the pendant will not be replaced. Neither will the pendant be replaced if you lose it. Cord or chain: If your attachment cord or chain breaks within 30 days of the purchase date for any reason, we will replace the cord or chain free of charge. After 30 days, you can purchase a replacement cord from our store, or simply replace the cord with one of your own. Sensitivity to dye or metal: If you notice any redness or rash soon after wearing your cord or chain, remove it immediately and replace it with a cord or chain of your own, or contact the corporate office and choose a different attachment cord option.

Order your Energy FX pendant today and put on a tested and proven protection against electronic radiation! 

Products Made exclusively for Basic Reset.

Copyright © 2018 All Liberties & Rights Reserve

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                                                            Usage Guide for Combining pH-FX and Ionyte

Start with clean water

Health 101 – The foundation of all health lies in our drinking water. We do not recommend that you put pH-FX and Ionyte into unfiltered (chlorinated) tap water. Why purchase great products to enhance your water and your pet’s water if the water you are treating is still polluted with chemicals?

It’s important to understand that if you expect to be healthy you should not drink unfiltered tap water, or give it to your pets. We love our pets and treat them like family, so don’t they deserve to have proper water free from chemicals? Fish can’t live in chlorinated water and we shouldn’t be drinking it, or giving it to our pets. We recommend that you don’t use unfiltered tap water when making other beverages like coffee and tea. You may use pH-FX / Ionyte treated water when making other beverages, but first read “Caution guidelines for pH-FX”.  

How to add Ionyte to your water

Adults: Add 1 dropper of Ionyte to every pint (½ liter) of filtered water and shake. That would equate to 4 droppers per half-gallon (2 liters), or 8 droppers per gallon (4 liters). Each day drink a minimum of a half-gallon (2 liters) of the Ionyte treated water, or half your body weight in ounces of the water.

Children: Dilute in twice the water for adults. Add 1 dropper of Ionyte to a quart (1 liter) of filtered water and shake. They should drink half their body weight in ounces daily.

Pets: Give them some of your treated water or make their water the same as yours. Only use filtered water.

Use Ionyte topically full strength (undiluted)

Ionyte is unique in that it is very helpful in soothing any kind of topical issue. Use Ionyte to help sooth cuts, burns, bruises, insect bites, sores, infections, skin blemishes, aches and pains. To help soothe rashes try a small area first. Swish it in the mouth to help soothe a toothache, abscess, or mouth sore. Repeat applications as much as needed. For extra energy, put it under your tongue and hold it for 2-5 minutes before swallowing.

For even better results topically, try Nuovi Skin Toner, which is a refined version of Ionyte designed especially for penetrating the skin. 

Ionyte for plants

Ionyte is fantastic for all kinds of plants. Use 1 tablespoon per gallon of water. If watering a vegetable garden, use it every 10 days in the first 30 days of planting. After that, use it as little or as much as desired. Ionyte is very safe, so use your imagination.

To further help plants, try our Garden Miracle. Great for fruit bearing trees, and fruit and vegetable gardens.

Caution guidelines for pH-FX

Do not consume without diluting first. May increase the effects of medications. Once diluted, store in glass or BPA free plastic. Do not store concentrate in glass because glass will draw the silica out of the concentrate and weaken the concentrate. Note: Use only pH-FX plastic dropper. 

How to add pH-FX to Ionyte water

pH-FX is so powerful at hydrating, cleansing and detoxing cells, it’s good to introduce it to your body slowly to avoid possible detox effects.

Start with filtered water and treat ALL your drinking water with Ionyte and shake. Pour out 1 pint (½ liter) of the Ionyte treated water into a smaller container and add 1 dropper of pH-FX (stir or shake). Follow the schedule below to slowly increase the amount of pH-FX / Ionyte mixture you drink daily, while continuing to drink only Ionyte treated water the rest of the day. At the end of 2 weeks, ALL the water you drink will be a mixture of both pH-FX and Ionyte.

Shake before using.

Adults: Add 1 dropper to 1 pint  of already treated Ionyte water.

Children: Add 1 dropper to 1 quart (1 liter) of already treated Ionyte water.

Adults: Schedule for pH-FX gradual increase first two weeks

(These instructions are flexible)

Day 1 – 4: Drink 8 oz. (¼ liter) each day.

Day 5 – 8: Drink 1 pint (½ liter) each day.

Day 9 – 12: Drink 2 pints (1 liter) each day.

Day 13 – 14: Drink 3 pints (1½ liters) each day.

Day 15 and on: Drink 4 pints (2 liters) each day. Continue this mixture drinking a minimum of a half-gallon (2 liters) daily. For best results: Increase to drinking half your body weight in ounces of pH-FX / Ionyte mixture.

Children: Schedule for pH-FX gradual increase first two weeks

(These instructions are flexible)

Day 1 – 4: Drink 4 oz. (⅛ liter) each day.

Day 5 – 8: Drink 8 oz. (¼ liter) each day.  

Day 9 – 12: Drink 1 pint (½ liter) each day, or half their body weight if they weigh less than 32 pounds.

Day 13 – 14: Drink 2 pints (1 liter) each day, or half their body weight if they weigh less than 64 pounds.

Day 15 and on: Drink 3 pints (1½ liters) each day, or half their body weight if they weigh less than 96 pounds. They should continue drinking half their body weight daily in ounces of the pH-FX / Ionyte mixture. 

Higher Dilutions – Double the amount of Ionyte and pH-FX for faster results

Ionyte (Adults) – Wait 1 week before increasing to 2 droppers per pint (½ liter).

Ionyte (Children) – Wait 1 week before increasing to 2 droppers per quart (1 liter).

pH-FX (Adults) – Wait 2 weeks before increasing to 2 droppers per pint (½ liter).

pH-FX (Children) – Wait 2 weeks before increasing to 2 droppers per quart (1 liter).

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